Major League Soccer: Messi Proves MLS Is The Best Investment

Lionel Messi signs to Inter Miami

The greatest investment in sports is currently Major League Soccer. The league, itself has shown that it offers value outside of the U.S. Just like the NBA and their growth internationally, soccer, international known as football, has gain traction in the U.S. where other leagues like the NHL, Major League Baseball, and the NBA have dropped the ball.

Overall, if you have the money to invest in any aspect of Major League Soccer, or the many youth leagues around the country that participate in their own competitions, you are doing yourself a long term favor.

Major League Soccer Investment

Primary example of a great investment into Major League Soccer is the Atlanta United. The team was an expansion team that was created for only $30 million in 2014. As of 2022, Atlanta team is valued at over $800 million. Not to mention the World Cup is approaching fast in 2026 and Atlanta is a host city. It will be the moment that Major League Soccer has been waiting for. The MLS will officially find out which markets in the U.S. truly love Soccer on a scale like no other.

Major League Soccer Investment
Atlanta United (Photo Credit: USA Today/ Once A Metro)

Messi In Miami

Lionel Messi joining the Inter Miami club was a mega win for the MLS and their media rights sponsor Apple. Messi officially signed his contract with Inter Miami this week; A city that will host the World Cup as well. Miami is an international hub known around the world as a vacation destination, amazing nightlife, and has a formula1 race.

The overall culture that the Miami has fits what the World Cup and the MLS needs in order to grow. Outside of Las Vegas, New York, and California Miami is in a league of its own.

How To Invest In Major League Soccer?

How would you invest into Major League Soccer? There’s nothing like jumping into the digital space, the media space, and or the apparel space where you can place your brand and sponsorship around the sport. Based of watching the publics interest in soccer grow and the influx of immigrants into the country, I project that MLS becomes the third or fourth most love league in the United States.

The NHL has fallen from those ranks as a secured top four league because the league does not generate enough interest country wide. NHL has suffered from a lack of diversity, which has led to an opening for Major League Soccer to take its place soon. The NFL and MLB are completely safe in the eyes of the United States. The NFL is the #1 sport in the country, and Major League Baseball has made some resurgence with the new adjustments they’ve made to the rule changes and time clock. In my honest opinion, when Major League Baseball cracked down on the steroid use and vilified some of its most notable players, Barry Bonds to be exact, they lost a lot of interest in the sport.

Major League Soccer Top-3 Pro-League

However, Major League Baseball is safer than the NBA. Although the NBA has grown the sport of basketball internationally, the league lacks the commitment from the players participation in the league. Sadly, the NBA has lost the ability to get its best players on the court any given night.

Although the numbers recently say the league is trending up in an unprecedented way, if you have gone to any of the NBA games as of late, you will notice that the leagues might be telling a lie. Many of the arenas look empty because the fans do not know if their star player will actually be on the court.

Fans have a better chance of getting a guarantee that their star and most love players will be on the court in the playoffs. However, the cost of playoff NBA tickets have risen significantly; giving a false narrative that the lead has the interest of the public. In actuality, the league is suffering from a lack of commitment, which opens the door for the MLS to take a chance as one of the top 3 leagues.

Why Major League Soccer might be the most valuable sports investment. SportsHungry

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