SEC Media Day: Lane Kiffin Vs College Football Free Agency

Lane Kiffin at SEC Media Day 2023

There’s no secret that Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin is against college football’s free agency.

While some may say it’s not, it is hard to dismiss what is going on in college football.

Kiffin admitted that this is probably the best time for college players and their parents. The players and their families have so much leverage.

In an era where players can transfer at any point and get paid to play at a particular school without repercussions, what else do you call this?

Not to mention, there are some states that have added laws in order to block the NCAA from penalizing the schools in their state for bending the rules to get players.

Last offseason, we saw Texas A&M make headlines for getting the #1 overall recruiting class in the country. Many college football faithful accused Texas A&M of paying for those players. Although, no news about pay for play came out, it is clear that the battle for top players lie within the pockets of the boosters.

Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban have warned the country about NIL and the transfer portal. Kiffin reiterated that the divide between the haves and have nots would only grow.

While there’s not certain proof that gaining players through the means of the NIL or transfer portal will equal to championships. It is a cause for concern that it could be the reason a team wins.

Also, players having the leverage to leave from one program to the next due to the lack of playing time or the lure of a bigger NIL deal is shaking most coaches to the core.

How Do You Fix College Football?

Kiffin admitted that he does not have the answers. Kiffin said at SEC Media Day ” At one point I suggested making the players employees, but that would open the doors for 5 more problem.”

Additionally, Kiffin said mentioned “shortening the windows” meaning the window to transfer or accept players for your roster.

He agrees that players should be paid, but he doesn’t agree with the way players are transferring.

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