NFL Breakdown: Top 5 Wide Receivers In Football

NFL Best Wide Receiver

The preseason has begun and we’re locking in on the top 5 wide receivers in the NFL regardless of team. This will be an unbiased list.

5. A.J. Brown

In 2022, Brown displayed his talent even more once he got a worthy quarterback. Brown was able to carve out a serious role as the Eagles number 1. That says a lot since the Eagles have talented receiver DeVonta Smith. Brown set a single-season receiving record for the Eagles in his first year.

In 2023, we can expect Brown to be even more effective. The division the Eagles are in does not hold truly elite corners.

4. Davante Adams

In 2022, Devante Adams finished the year third in total receiving yards and number 1 in receiving touchdowns. Once more, Adams looked to be a huge bright spot for an offense that needed better play from the offense. Some believed his production would drop due to not having Aaron Rodgers at QB.

Needless to say, Adams continues to dominate the league and should do the same in 2023.

3. Tyreek Hill

Speed is all we need to say about Tyreek Hill. In 2022, Hill caught over 1,700 yards on a dolphins team that was without its quarterback for most of the year. Hill is a dynamic to say the least. Due to his speed, Hill can turn any play into a touchdown even without the ball. Ultimately, teams are so worried about his home run ability, that they would rather focus on him.

Furthermore, Hill comes in at three because he was able to help a young quarterback develop. However, even though he left the Kansas City, the Chiefs were still able to win the Super Bowl. Some might wonder if he is as valuable as we once thought.

2. Ja’Marr Chase

Some could argue that Chase has been the best receiver in football since he was in college at LSU. His size, speed, and strength are a great combination for a dominant receiver. Chase can create separation, go get the 50/50 balls, and get past the best corners in the NFL. With Joe Burrow as his quarterback, Chase has the opportunity to rewrite all of Cincinnati’s records.

Last season, Chase went over 1,000 yards and caught 9 touchdowns.

1. Justin Jefferson

The Minnesota Vikings once again drafted the best wide receiver in the NFL. Although Jefferson is not Randy Moss, he is really close to it. In his first three years in the league, Jefferson has been able to catch for more yards than the year before. In 2022, Jefferson went for over 1,800 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns.

Like Chase, Jefferson can create separation, burn past defenders, and go grab the 50/50 ball. However, I believe Chase has a better quarterback throwing him the ball.

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