Kansas City to Build Professional Women’s Soccer Stadium

Kansas City Current new stadium

Over the last two years, Women’s sports have become the topic of discussion. A segment of the sports industry that has been underrepresented and underfunded for years is starting to gain traction.

For the first time ever, a professional sports venue in the United States is being built for a professional women’s team. The Kansas City Current, a member of the National Women’s Soccer League, is having a stadium built for them.

Right on the Missouri River, will sit a 11,000 seat stadium that will have the ability to grow into a 22,000 seat stadium. The facility will cost about $120 million.

With the Women’s World Cup having a huge spotlight globally, the news of this stadium is huge. Like the Major League Soccer, the NWSL is gaining momentum and offers another opportunity for investors to own a professional sports team.

In fact, the new stadium is projected to bring in close to $48 million annually to Kansas City.

As the interest in soccer and women’s sports grows, so does the chance that more cities adopt Kansas City’s optimism.

Currently, there’s only 12 teams in the NWSL with two new expansion teams starting in 2024. The Utah Royals and a recently announced Bay Area, California to be exact.

There are other states that would be great for an expansion team. States like Alabama and Arkansas that don’t currently hold any professional sports teams. Essentially, the NWSL would gain a captive audience.

Furthermore, the NWSL is well on its way to build off the new spotlight women sports are receiving worldwide.

Kansas City Current Stadium Renderings (Photo Credit: Kansas City Current)

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