Florida Gators: Who is Quarterback Graham Mertz

Graham Mertz

The start of the 2023 college football season isn’t far away and the Florida Gators have named Graham Mertz as their starting quarterback. The Wisconsin Badger transfer is a veteran with a lot of playing time. However, can he lead the Florida Gators back into the spotlight?

Graham Mertz in 2022

The 6’3 218 pound quarterback for Florida has a solid arm with a quick release. At Wisconsin, Mertz threw for more than 2,000 yards, 19 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions. Mertz had a 57% completion percentage in 2022.

Mertz at Wisconsin was the modern day pocket passer. Mobile at times, but would rather sit in the pocket. The key to his game is the quick release, however it can hurt him as well. While the has a tight spiral, Mertz rarely show touch on the ball.

Similarly, former Kentucky quarterback Will Levis throws the same way. It was a huge knock on Levis during his NFL pre-draft evaluation. Needless to say, Mertz has to do a better job of disguising his looks. In the SEC, line drive throws become interceptions quickly.

Florida in 2023

For the Gators, Graham Mertz brings a veteran presence in the locker room. Last years quarterback Anthony Richardson was drafted in the top 10, so having a vet to take his place works well. Unlike Richardson, Mertz won’t make many plays with his legs. The Gators receivers will have to step up.

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