Miami vs Texas A&M Prediction

Miami vs Texas A&M week 2 prediction

The game of the week in the state of Florida is Miami vs Texas A&M. These two programs have met four-times in the past with 2022 being the most resent.

Last year, Texas A&M was able to pull out the home victory. Miami’s offense could not find their way into the endzone after moving the ball multiple times. Ultimately, in all offensive categories except points, Miami dominated.

The Miami offense put their defense in a tough position all night. Needless to say, the defense played “bend but don’t break” defense as long as they could. The Aggies won 17-9 and another loss for Miami against an SEC opponent.

Miami’s Keys to Victory

Start Fast

In college football, it is easy to say start fast, but it’s harder to do it. Miami is a program looking to find a clear identity and to matchup with the brand. In order for Miami to win, the Canes will need to score fast and often.

Texas A&M’s new offensive coordinator Bobby Patrino is an offensive mastermind. He’s been one of the best offensive minds in the sport since 2002. It would be foolish to think that Patrino’s offense won’t score often.

In week 1, Patrino’s offense put up 52 points against New Mexico. It was the first time the Aggies offense scored over 50 points since Jimbo Fisher arrived in college station 6-years ago.

Miami isn’t New Mexico, but the Canes are introducing two new coordinators into this battle. Like the Aggies, Miami played weaker competition in week 1 which makes it hard to gage how good the offense is.

Against Miami of Ohio, Miami generated 493 total yards. The Aggies generated 411 yards of total offense.

Play Tough

The big difference between Miami in 2022 and what we saw last week was Miami’s toughness. The receivers on offense did not make it easy for defenders to bring them down. Again, it was Miami of Ohio, and the Canes were favorited to win.

The reason toughness is a key to Miami’s victory is because there will be difficulties against Texas A&M. Additionally, Miami is not favorited to win this game. How Miami responds when all the chips are against you will determine a lot. Miami has to show the mental toughness to keep fighting.

defensively, Miami has to hit hard and often with relentless effort. In a lot of ways, toughness for Miami is just showing effort.

Be Discipline and Make Plays

In most big games Miami has played over the years, no matter who the head coach is, Miami has played undisciplined football. False starts here, holding there, missed tackles everywhere. The Canes have to show the awareness to not make those simple mistakes.

In this game, Miami’s secondary will be challenged in 1-on-1 situations, and the DBs will have to step up and make those plays. In big time college football, it’s usually the 1-on-1 battles that make the difference. For Miami to win, the defense will have to be opportunistic.

At any moment, a loose ball or a tip pass could be the difference in this game. Furthermore, when DBs make plays, those plays are usually the ones that they go take. Until Kam Kinchens, there was huge doubts that Miami could produce ball hawk cornerbacks or safeties. Against Texas A&M, Miami’s secondary will have to play discipline and take a few plays away from the Aggies.

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