Miami and Florida State Could Play Three Times This Year.

Miami and Florida State

In what could be the oddest scenario in college football history, Miami and Florida State could face each other three times this year.

One of the biggest rivalries in all of college football is Miami vs Florida State. In recent memory, both programs have been in a slump. The most recent national championship between either of them is Florida State’s 2013 national championship. Miami’s last title was in 2001.

Since 2013, Miami and FSU have seen multiple head coaching changes along with terrible player development. Although both programs still place talent into the NFL, the level of talent isn’t quite the same.

Needless to say, both Miami and Florida State look to be on an upward trajectory. Currently, FSU is ranked #4 in the country and Miami #22. The Noles came into this season with huge expectations after showing great progress in 2022.

Florida State’s Route

Florida State returns one of the deepest rosters of verified and proven players in all of college football. Jordan Travis, FSU’s quarterback and Heisman contender looks to be in mid-season form. The same can be said for their top-rated defensive end, Jared Verse. Verse was projected as a top-10 pick in the 2022 draft before deciding to return.

Also, if you want to add insult to injury, Florida State added a monster at receiver in Michigan State transfer Keon Coleman. Coleman could be the frontrunner for the Fred Biletnikoff Award. This award goes to the best receiver in college football.

Through two games, Florida State has dog walked LSU and slam-dunked Southern Miss. Honestly, the Noles will be huge favorites in every game they play for the rest of the season. However, Clemson has beaten FSU the last six meetings and Wake Forest has won the last three. Again, FSU will be the favorites, but that has never stopped either of those teams from winning on the field.

Miami’s Route

This route to an undefeated matchup with Florida State in the first meeting will all depend on Miami beating the odds. Miami looked sloppy early against a good Texas A&M team but made the right adjustments to win in double digits.

Needless to say, the rest of the games won’t be as easy to bounce back in. Miami plays North Carolina and Clemson in back-to-back games. Both programs have been beating Miami consistently dating back to when Randy Shannon was head coach.

Again, if Miami gets through those two programs, Miami has to play a difficult Virgina Cavalier team and NC State squad before playing Florida State. By the time either program reach November 11th, they will be battle tested.

Against Texas A&M, Miami’s quarterback Tyler Van Dyke was lights out. He showed the TVD from 2021 was still around. With new offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson, TVD could have the best year of his career.

Florida State vs Miami Part 1

Again, in order for Miami and FSU to see each other three times, both teams will have to show up in November undefeated. That means Miami and FSU will have to beat team that have nearly decade long win streaks against them.

Furthermore, in this first matchup, Miami and Florida State will have to be competitive in primetime. Florida State has proven they can step up, but Miami has yet to have a primetime game. If Miami is undefeated going into the North Carolina game, that will most likely be a primetime matchup.

The overall environment will remind all the fans and recruits of the good ole days. In this game we will see Miami, with the best safety duo in college football match up against Florida State’s receiver and quarterback tandem. Jordan Travis and Keon Coleman are that good.

Additionally, Florida State’s dominant defensive line will meet Miami’s fixed and rebuilt offensive line. Miami gave up just 2 sacks against Texas A&M monster D-Line. That, in itself is a show. Not to mention when TVD has time, he can carve up the best defenses. This is why Alabama was interested in pulling him away from Miami in the spring.

Ultimately, round 1 of this three-part series has to be close. Miami or Florida State must win this close. In fact, a 35-38 score board will do wonders for college football playoff eligibility.

Miami vs Florida State Game 2

Needless to say, the team that loss in game 1 must win game 2. The second matchup need to showcase growth from both programs. In another close game, a 42-41 finish in the ACC Championship game will go a long way for the ACC chances at getting into the CFB Playoffs with two teams.

Miami and Florida State would both have to have only 1-loss when the voting starts. Although USC, Michigan, Penn State, Georgia, and Ohio State will be fighting as well to get in, I see those programs having at least 1-loss from an inferior opponent. With that being said, Miami and Florida State would both get in due to their only loss coming from another top-5 team.

Florida State vs Miami Part 3

Now, the final challenge will be for the College Football Playoff voters to vote both programs into different CFB Playoff matchups.

Hypothetically, Florida State vs USC and Miami vs Michigan are match-ups that make sense. In a stunning upset, Miami reaches the national championship game over Michigan. Tyler Van Dyke would have had to out duel J.J. McCarthy.

On the other hand, Florida State will have to shut down Caleb Williams in the Rose Bowl. The last time Florida State played in the Rose Bowl, they played another PAC-12 school in Oregon. However, in our model, we have Florida State beating USC to go to the national championship game.

In the end, Florida State would see their biggest rival in the national championship game. This would elevate both programs on the recruiting trail and hope for the future.

Again, this is a hypothetical dream for Miami, Florida State, and the ACC.

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