These Are the Best 5 Teams in the NFL Right Now

5 Best Teams in the NFL

Regardless of how you feel or the circumstances in which these teams got to the top of the heap; these are the best 5 teams in the NFL right now.

5. Dallas Cowboys

No, I’m not the biggest fan of the Dallas Cowboys, but I can see their potential. Dak Prescott has managed to start the year on the right foot. He only has 1 interception on the year and 4 passing touchdowns. No to mention, the serviceable running back Tony Pollard is 5th in rushing yards too.

Now, the Cowboys defense could improve. However, it is still early in the year. The NFC is not that tough of a conference to push through. Their division will be a challenge, but I can see them taking the steps needed to get over the hump.

4. Philidelphia Eagles

After getting the chance to watch the Eagles play on Monday Night Football, I can honestly say that they do the little things right. The Eagles are a very talented team, but they’re not firing on all colliders just yet. Jalen Hurts is moving methodically as a quarterback going into year 3. A true veteran who knows how great is team is.

This Eagles team reminds me of the great Alabama teams Hurts was a part of in college. Very good but does just enough to win by double digits. I can see the Eagles losing a game or two down the stretch of the season; and that might be because they’re resting guys. At this point, the game looks easy for them.

3. Detroit Lions

I said this a few years back when Jared Goff was traded and I will say it again, Goff makes a difference. The Lions have put quality young players around him with a solid offensive line. What I like most about the Lions is the effort they show on every down. A grit that will get them into the playoffs this year.

Although the Lions lost to the Seahawks in week 2, I don’t think that 1 loss devalues them. Stats will say the Lions are average, but we all know stats don’t show everything a team is doing on the field. The analytics can’t sometimes have to go out the window.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are the defending champs and have 1 loss, but that was in week 1. We can all agree that the Chiefs made simple mistakes that helped the Lions pull off the win. Needless to say, the Chiefs are adjusting to an Eric Bieniemy-less offense. Like all great coaches, Andy Reid doesn’t look too deeply into week 1 losses. Remember, it’s The NFL for a reason.

The Chiefs are taking each week as it comes, but they’ll be in full gear come January. As nice as it is to see teams dominate in the first 4 weeks, it is even more impressive to see it done in the playoffs.

1. San Fransisco 49ers

The 49ers are playing the best football in the NFL right now. Are they the best team, I think so. However, the offense and defense are in a groove that has them looking like they’re in mid-season form. Brock Purdy is working on not having a sophomore slump in year 2.

Christian McCaffrey has turned back time so far this year. The best quality about McCaffrey is his pass catching ability. Ultimately, he adds an extra sauce to an offense that’s already good. It also helps the 49ers keep Debo Samuels healthy since he doesn’t have to do everything.

The 49ers defense is holding up their part of the deal as well. They’re holding teams to 14.5 points a game.

As of right now, these are the best 5 teams in the NFL and the 49ers are the best.

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