This legendary coach might be returning to college football

There are only a few college coaches over the last 20 years you can say dominated when they were coaching. Nick Saban is number 1 on everyone’s list for sure, but Urban Meyer is 100% number two.

Kirby Smart at Georgia and Dabo Swinney at Clemson are having a great run at their programs, but Urban Meyer is another level.

Meyer developed two programs into national champions in the Nick Saban era. What is most impressive about Myer is that he had to go through a fully healthy Alabama team both times to do it.

Urban Meyer can be credited for starting the SEC’s dominance in college football starting in 2006. All Meyer has done since becoming a head coach is win.

Now, news is circulating that Meyer is interviewing for the Michigan State head coaching job. For the Spartans this is great news, but for the rest of Big Ten they should be nervous.

Urban Meyer’s Career

Bowling Green: 17-6

Utah Utes: 22-2

Florida Gators: 65-15

Ohio State: 83-9

Combined, Meyer has 3 national championships, 7 conference championships, and 10 division championships. When he left Florida, the Gators had just come off the greatest 5 years in their history. He brought a different level of expectation to the program and the conference. Ultimately, Meyer was great in Utah but became a legend in Gainesville.

At Ohio State, he retooled and rebuilt the program into what we see today. Almost at every level of the program, there’s an exceptional draftable player. The run of great cornerbacks and even receivers we see starts with Meyer.

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