Manny Pacquiao Dominates Adrian Broner

Manny Pacquiao won this fight, but it was less about his skill or the power he displayed against Broner, but Broner’s inability to want to throw a punch. If you did not see the fight, then you might think Pac was looking like the old Pac, but it […]


Miami Gets Tate Martell and Jeff Thomas!

On December 30th everything changed for Miami. Manny Diaz, the recently hired Temple Head Coach, had decided to drop Temple for Miami. It was the first time I think anybody has seen a coach flip ever. It didn’t even seem possible. But ever since the flip, Manny Diaz got rid of the problem that was holding Miami back; the entire offensive staff. Manny decided to start fresh

QB 1: Season 2 Review

If you did not see season 1 of QB 1 that included Ohio States Tate Martell and Georgia’s Jake Fromm when they were in high school, then you should. It is on Netflix. Season 2 just came out, and it includes Justin Fields. The recent Georgia transfer quarterback […]