Worlds Weirdest Sports

I know we have come accustom to the traditional sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer. But there are some athletes in the world that are playing some crazy sports with crazy rules. Here are 5 of the Weirdest Sports in the world 1. ┬áSnail Racing Yes I […]


Kyrie Irving is magical

We all know that Boston Celtic’s point guard, Kyrie Irving, has skills that are not taught. His handles and his ability to get to the rim at will is amazing. But over the past week, Kyrie might have done something even more amazing then anything he has done […]

Miami needs Kliff Kingsbury

Well it has been well documented over the last 10 or so years, Miami’s offense has not been anything like their in-state counter parts. Most would say Miami is stuck in the early 2000s rather than innovative. I agree with this sentiment, I believe Miami has not developed […]