College football playoffs expanding

After a long discussion from the playoff committee, they have decided to expand the playoffs to 12-teams starting 2026.

The move comes after seeing the same teams reach the playoffs every year. Once we started seeing two teams from the same conference make it into the playoffs, it became evident that change was needed.

Since the beginning of the playoffs, we have seen only 10 programs reach the tournament. With the change, this will most likely keep Notre Dame an independent program overall.

However, it is yet to be known if more programs will still switch conferences. As media rights deals continue to break record breaking numbers, the new 12-team playoff media rights deal will most likely be the biggest in the history of college sports.

What’s not yet known is if this expansion will be the nail in the coffin for bowl games or a rebirth. Teams who make it to the playoffs will have players who would opt out for the NFL consider staying.

As we know, the more important the game the more likely players will decide to play. NIL deals should also help with teams retaining players longer than season previously.

The story is till developing, but overall major college football is changing. Is it for the betterment of the sport or the monetary gain that can be made.

Only time will tell.


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